Hire a Real Estate Lawyer who makes you feel at home

Michael Trabish has decades of experience, but from his many diverse and satisfied clients over the years, there is a constant. Michael is friendly, easy to talk to, and when it comes to matters involving Real Estate law, it quickly becomes obvious that he's someone you can trust for honest advice and ethical conduct.


Michael Trabish has openings for closings and more.

Whether you are a home-buyer or seller ... or a business looking for just the right property, Manhattan Beach California attorney Michael S. Trabish, is the resource with decades of experience that you are sure to welcome.

Because dream houses can become nightmares.

Home ownership is the biggest investment decision most people make in their lifetime. From reviewing the deal and the closing documents, to helping if there's a problem on the property, you'll be glad to know you have Mr. Trabish's knowledge and experience on your side. His ability to guide you through the process and comfort you along the way is a point of pride for Michael.

Businesses negotiate and Michael is adept at representing your interests.

It could be a property lease for a business or a property purchase. When Michael is working with you there's an expert guide in the mix to help navigate the complexities. Given that the stakes are usually high in terms of financial commitment and that the right deal can have a real impact on profitability, Mr. Trabish's decades of experience can ensure a favorable outcome.